I love you, Laneige.

May 21st, 2010 by sixpegs

Many people have asked me about how my skin has improved so tremendously over the recent months.
Well, the answer is actually something very simple.

Use Laneige!

My skin used to be tormented by pimples and dryness. It’s quite lifeless and not quite supple at all.
These pictures are taken slightly less than a year ago –
look at the horrible complexion I had back then!!

And do you know that keeping your skin clean and well-hydrated
is the first step to take if you want to combat against premature aging and zits formation?
My favourite Laneige product would be the Water Bank Essence and their Sleeping Pack.
Oh! Here are my Laneige products!
(includes those that I’ve already been using + those newly sponsored by Laneige)

After being a loyal customer of Laneige for so long, this sponsorship from Laneige is almost too good to be true!
Heh heh! Will continue loving you, Laneige. :)
Look at how my skin looks like when it’s clean and just-out-of-bath fresh, and totally no makeup at all! –

Compare this to how my skin looks one year ago and marvel at the magic of Laneige!
Oh and pardon my messy eyebrows. Heh! :p

Laneige is having some exciting activities along Orchard Road this May.
Do strike a pose and snap a picture with the giant Water Bank Essence replica
and be one of the 15 lucky participants to win attractive Laneige prizes,
if you upload your picture online to this website!

Details are as follows:
Date: 22 & 23 May 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 12pm to 6pm
Location: Outside Wheelock, ION, Ngee Ann City, Mandarin Gallery, Heeren & also 313 Somerset.

If you’re troubled about dry skin, really do try Laneige out because honestly, it really helped my skin a lot! Cheers!

46 Responses to “I love you, Laneige.”

  1. passerby Says:

    hello!would like to ask how did they sponsor u? they just approached u?

    thank u!

  2. sixpegs Says:

    yeah they approached me.

  3. anna banana Says:

    just started using it and it suits me well so far..price reasonable too..hee..thanks for the recommendation gal..

  4. sixpegs Says:


  5. elle Says:

    Hey Peggy,

    Could you kindly share with me what’s your Laneige skin care regime? I’m starting to use the White Plus Renew Night Cream.. (it’s working wonders btw) But I’m wondering what other products I should use together with it..

    Thank you in advance! :D

  6. Des Says:

    Water sleeping pack EX is da bomb! :)

  7. sammy Says:

    yes. i like laneige too. Their mask is good too. the water sleeping pack_ex. Got my fren to help me buy from korea. Its cheaper there. like 10-20 dollars cheaper. so if anyone goes there, remb to get some laneige stuff for urself. korea’s laneige are very easy going with their samples too! Got lots of samples just by buying the mask alone.

  8. i want better skin Says:

    how much is that Laneige water bank essence? and other than this, what did you use (especially for the acne and to diminish old acne marks)?

    thanks alot :)

  9. Jer Says:

    Hi Peggy,

    may I know if the water bank range help improve oily skin?
    Or any recommendations?
    My oily face has become a problem for me..
    Thanks. :)

  10. sixpegs Says:

    elle – I haven’t used their whitening range but wow it’s really very good ah? maybe i should try toooooo!!! I like their hydrating serum and sleeping mask. super shioky!

    des – YES IT IS! hahaha.

    sammy – yeah the other time my friend went korea and bought a whole lot back for me too. :)

    i want better skin – oh i use laneige for hydrating. and for whitening, I use chanel’s whitening serum. i use chanel’s sunblock as well. :)

    jer – hmm i can’t really say if it regulates oily skin, because i’m really not very sure about it. my skin is normal combination. maybe you can go to the laneige counter and ask the BAs? I scared later i give wrong information! :x

  11. elle Says:

    i’m using the whitening range to lighten the scars from my previous pimple outbreak. you should use it if you have scars/redness/uneven skin tone. i heard a lot of positive reviews about their sleeping mask! maybe i’ll try that too! :D

  12. jean Says:

    hi peggy! ur skin is indeed lookin very hydrated! keep it up! ehh less makeup helps too right?
    btw is the sleeping pack sticky, since u have to zzz with it!
    FYI my facial therapist also said once ur skin is hydrating enough, less oil will be produced, thus resulting in less pimples! i do hydrating masques every alternate days n i see improvement too!!

  13. linjie Says:

    Ur skin has really improved a lot! Hope that mine will too as i have breakouts often

  14. sixpegs Says:

    elle – oh you find the whitening range good too? yeah i love the sleeping mask also. very good!! you should try it also!

    jean – thank you dear! less makeup helps a lot also, i have to agree! :) and so… hydration helps in anti-aging and also can prevent pimples! good leh! i hope the other reader sees what you wrote! JER!GOOD HYDRATION CAN REGULATE OILY SKIN ALSO! lol.

    linjie – thanks! you can try it too, i’m sure it will help yours too. it’s suitable for asian skin anyway. :)

  15. christine Says:

    i’ve started using laneige products too. The whitening range is really good because it helps to lighten my scars at least. On a sidenote, may i ask which brand of coloured contact lens did you wear? =)

  16. sixpegs Says:

    I cannot remember already but it’s some korea brand i think.

  17. adeline Says:

    Hi Peggy,

    I’ve dark spots on my face, do you know any of the laneige products help to ligeten em? Thank you so much :)

  18. reneee Says:

    If there is 2 star product that u could recommend from Laneige, what would that be?

    For mask wise, which would you recommend?


  19. sixpegs Says:

    reneee – 2 star product? what do you mean by that? i thought normally people would wanna know their 5 star products? haa. mask, i’d recommend their sleeping pack. it’s hydrating and vitalizing! :)

    adeline – i haven’t tried the whitening range under laneige but from what i see from the comments by other readers, it seems pretty awesome as well. :) you can give it a try and lemme know again!

  20. reneee Says:

    haha, i mean 2 star quality products :P they have so many pdts/range to choose from, which 2 are a MUST BUY! :D

  21. sixpegs Says:

    ORH! We just had a complete communication failure. LOL! I’d recommend the sleeping pack. And.. the serum lor! The serum is quite amazing because it really gets absorbed very quickly, not sticky. You can go to the counters to try. You massage on the skin for a while, the cream texture will become “water”. And it will be gone into the skin in a while. Go try go try! haha.

  22. Raylene Says:


  23. sixpegs Says:

    yesss woohoo! i saw from your blog that you bought the sunscreen! is it any good? :D

  24. letty Says:

    hey can i ask you sth about web hosting? i just got a domain + webhosting. but i only can re-direct, i wanna ask if you uploaded your blog to the web host or only redirect? thanks thanks! And that was really good skin heh :P

  25. PB Says:

    Hi may I know where to buy Laneige products? and what’s their price range like? Wanna faster stock up during Gss (:

  26. sixpegs Says:

    letty – mine comes with the webhost. :) thanks dear.

    PB – i know there are counters at Tampines Mall, Ngee Ann City. The rest I’m not too sure. Maybe you can google it! :p

  27. twinny Says:

    hey peg!
    i know this qns is pretty odd, but do u use any pimple cream then? or just the whole laneige water bank series, then it got so much better?
    cos my skin type is just like yours. im really troubled by it ;(

  28. sixpegs Says:

    i use pimple cream from laneige too. it’s a green bottle with a pipette-like dropper thing. :)
    it’s not bad, i like also.

  29. angela Says:

    hey peggy how do you put the fonts such that it isnt a picture? I tried using screenshots and post them up but it still appears as a picture on the main page :(

  30. rene Says:

    babe u really splurge a bomb on skincare right? I rmb previously u bought a whole range from clarins. haha. Which overall would be better? Clarins or Laneige?

  31. onefourever Says:

    i also start using laneige.bought it from HK.Price is cheaper than sg. And there has newer product series that suit my skin as well…

  32. sixpegs Says:

    rene – the clarins ones were also sponsored. but i haven’t used them yet because i let my mom used them! those are whitening and i’m not really concerned about whitening in general, so i passed them to mom. she use until like quite okay leh! for me, i’ll just stick to one brand since it suits me.

    onefourever – newer products!? wow. jealous!

  33. Renee Says:

    You are using Chanel Whitening Serum too? Laneige or Chanel works magic on your face? This is confusing.

  34. sixpegs Says:

    it’s different mah. one is whitening. one is hydrating. both works for me. i alternate between the different serums from day to day.

  35. Raylene Says:

    yes! the sunscreen damn power i swear

  36. v Says:

    Your skin is totally fantastic! What do you do to minimize the pores around your nose area? It looks so clear!

  37. bern Says:

    hi peggy! (dont know if i can do this.. ) but i happen to have 1 extra brand new langiene overnight sleeping mask, bought it for my gf then she told me her sis has it alr. GRRRR.. so im letting it go cheap. for $36 meetup or postage (the person has to pay). can email me at yap_bernice@hotmail.com

    screen this if it’s not allowed k, thanks! :)

  38. Blurgirl Says:

    do you do facial ? or just these products can cure those pimple ? thanks!

  39. jernice Says:

    Hey peggy, may i know the steps you used laneige products? Cos it isn’t the usual cleanser, toner and moisturiser rite? I wanna buy but dunno What to buy and how to use them!! =) i also want hydrated and zit-free skin! HAHA

  40. jojoseph Says:

    can guys use them ??

  41. sixpegs Says:

    v, no lah the pores around the nose is still my problem area. I like to squeeze my blackheads too much for my own good! tsk tsk.

    bern – good luck! ;p

    blurgirl – i don’t do facial. as in, i’ve tried them but i don’t religiously go for facials so i doubt the few facial that i’ve gone to before really helped much. i’m not sure if it was laneige that helped either. but i think generally, drinking more water, changing your sheets more often, keeping your face clean, less makeup – all these contributes to clearer skin. and of course, my skin is stable after using laneige. so i’m sticking to it. :)

    jernice – i use makeup remover (if i have makeup on), then their cleanser, then i use their toner, then emulsion (it’s this white liquid thing that supposedly softens the skin and preps it for the products, but sometimes when i’m lazy, i skip this one), then use eye cream, then essence (aka serum), and moisturiser. it may sound damn siao lah! like so many things. sometimes after i’m done and my skin feels too “wet”, i’ll just blot a bit with tissue paper. haha dunno whether its right to do so. but yeah.
    oh if i use the sleeping mask, i just use it straight after toner. :)

    jojoseph – hmmmmmmm…. i don’t think so. mens’ face is oilier than ladies’. so i think you better use men skin products. or you can go laneige and ask the BAs. i dunno whether they got products for men. :)

  42. Rachel Says:

    what eye cream do u use babe? ur complexion has really improved heaps loads!!!

  43. Joanne Says:

    Dear peggy!

    May I find out from you the price range for laneige hydrating moisturizer?

    Thank You!

  44. jop Says:

    Hi peggy! havent been reading your blog and was surprised that your skin looked soooo good!!!! serious! envy and jealous!! haha. i scrolled down and lucky u did a write-up on what did u do to improve it. u are the hope of all of us! heh.

  45. springDolly Says:

    hi!:) I would like to know the what products u use to minimise ur acne as shown in the pictures cause i too have Dry skin and break out every wk:(. thx loads

  46. tris Says:


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