The Sailor Man

March 31st, 2015 by sixpegs

Before I harp on and on about my daily random stuff, I want to thank foodpanda for the treat today!
From the last time I checked, food panda has grown SO SO much!
(The last time I ordered, they only had a lot of Indian cuisines)
I am impressed by how many, many big brands are now on foodpanda and that means
I can have anything I want to eat delivered right to my doorstep!


Today, our choice of food for lunch was from Popeyes!
Foodpanda provided us with the option to pay via Paypal, Credit Card or by cash.
I am also happy that the time taken for the food to arrive was accurate
according to what’s stated on the website before I confirmed my order.

One of the Hero girls, Kasey enjoying the food. :p


Other than the website, foodpanda is now also available on App!
Home delivery FTW! :D
Try it out if you haven’t had your first foodpanda experience yet!

- – -

A and I recently brought around some friends from Italy as well.
I cannot emphasise how proud the two of us are as Singaporeans; bringing them around the island,
telling them how Singapore was like and how Mr LKY grew it into today’s Asia Tiger.

They were overwhelmed by how Singaporeans reacted to our Minister Mentor’s demise.

I have never been more proud of what we call the “Kampong Spirit“.

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Fire Noodles Challenge

March 18th, 2015 by sixpegs

Winter in Seoul

March 16th, 2015 by sixpegs

Korea Post Banner

My travelogue entry on the Seoul trip is massively overdue.
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March 9th, 2015 by sixpegs

I am always thankful for the things in my life that is keeping me sane.
Like.. my pets. My A. The love from family. Yoga at home, at 3am.
So before I continue with my rambles, I want to thank Vivre Active Wear for sending over
some of the high quality yoga wears and mat for me!


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Let’s Catch Up!

March 6th, 2015 by sixpegs

The last time I checked, I have been a horrible blogger.
I have not been updating my blog regularly,
and it was so bad a reader I bumped into at my cafe asked if I was still blogging.

I am sorry guys.
Tonight feels like the night for some virtual verbal vomit.

- – -

Work has been overwhelming since I got back from my trips and as of now,
there is still a whole load of work that needs to be cleared.

A Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese readers!
(At least I’m still in time to wish y’all this. Heh!)

To be honest, 2015 has been quite crazy for me.
I started the year flying around, to Seoul for work,
and to Italy / Sweden / Copenhagen for part work part leisure.
My second trip halfway round the globe to the Scandinavian countries
is truly an eye opener and I cannot wait to blog about my experiences soon!

And when I got back to Singapore, I came face-to-face with some (quite) serious issues at work.
They really caught me off guard because for the longest time, everything seems fine on the surface.
But little did I know that my staff are actually having problems at work and
I really blame myself for not being there to solve problems when they needed me.
To be honest, I think I am quite a horrible leader. :/
And I am grateful to have the support of A, who completes me and
does things that are beyond my capabilities in times like this.

All I can say is, it really isn’t easy managing people.
And things can be made trickier when I am working with the people closest to my heart – good friends and family.
I hope with good communication and faith in each other,
we will be able to overcome all obstacles and grow together as a team, as a family.

This Chinese New Year was rather special for me because I got to spend some good time talking to my Dad.
And under my encouragement, my Dad agreed to an upcoming family trip to Taipei.
Although I won’t be joining them on the trip,
I am very happy to hear that my Dad is joining my Mom and my aunts on the trip because
I honestly cannot remember when was the last time Dad travel with the family.

If I’m not wrong, it was like 12, 15 years ago.

Here are some snapshots from Chinese New Year.

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Zombie Club

February 12th, 2015 by sixpegs

Do you look like death by 8pm too?
If so, welcome to the 8pm Zombie Club.
As the President of the 8pm Zombie Club, I feel obliged to let you know a little more
about how things are like in our club, how you became one of us and
what you can do if you want to leave the club.
I have been trying some products from Clinicians – Stress & Energy Support and REM Sleep
and they have helped me a lot with managing my stress and energy levels during
the day and sleep during the night.

But before I get to that, I have to stress how hard it is for me to get to sleep every night.
I’m a huge insomniac. You will know, if you follow me on Instagram (SIGH).
Here at the 8pm Zombie Club, we hardly get enough sleep.
There are times (when we feel like we should sleep more), we cannot fall asleep at night.
It’s the norm for us to toss and turn around on the bed from 11pm until 3am,
and it usually takes us about 50 games of Candy Crush before the Zzz Monster catch up with us.
As the President of the 8pm Zombie Club, I lead a very busy lifestyle; a very stressful one too.
Do you know why stress and quality of sleep is correlated?
Since most of you are probably my club members, I shall let you in on how a typical day is like in my life.

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